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Support Equipment

Our support equipment is a very important component to our quality operation. From guard dog cable protectors to aluminum benches under giant umbrellas, we have what it takes to provide your event with a quality operation.

Aluminum BenchesAluminum Benches
Have a seat and rest your feet! Our benches offer a moment of relaxation.

Manufacturer:  Uni-Glide


ATM MachinesATM Machines
Keep playing! Withdraw cash on site using our ATM!

Orientation:  varies


Employee / Guest Relations UnitEmployee / Guest Relations Unit
Our mobile midway guest relations and employee office gives customers a place to inquire about our concessions and helps us stay organized and conduct business while on the road. During the season, we handle all of our day to day operations from this office.

Unit type:  trailer


Guard Dog Wire MatsGuard Dog Wire Mats
These pieces of matting cover wire (and protect guests) at your event.

Manufacturer:  Guard Dog


Large Seating AreaLarge Seating Area
Perfect when looking to provide shade for your event. Our tent spreads 30 feet x 30 feet.

Orientation:  varies


Lighted Palm TreesLighted Palm Trees
These light-up palm trees are a perfect addition to your event! Glitz and glamour!

Orientation:  varies


Shade UmbrellasShade Umbrellas
Too much sun? Or looking for a fairytale look? Our umbrellas are the perfect accessory!

Orientation:  center